it’s weekend, facebook shoooooooo

I am not using facebook that much, I just open it for few moments everyday to check my friends news, But rarely I put a status or upload a picture there.

The question I have is: why employees get angry when their companies decide to block facebook during working hours?

By the way I don’t respect a company which do this, this is the last last step after many discussions with their employees.


After monitoring facebook, and my friends activities during all week days, I can say that: the number of posts on facebook get 95% down in weekends, get 50% down after working hours, and really the peak time for facebook is during the working hours. “all numbers are estimated and just based on my own experience

In my point of view, the employer pay us salaries to get from us work, for example he pays us 100$ per week to work 40 hours per week, 8 hours per day, so our salary = 40 hours work including a rest hour per day.

So if you take all this time daily on facebook or chatting, do you think you deserve this salary? “if the answer yes: sorry this post came to you by mistake discard it 😉


Other notes:

I know many workers I worked with, facebook is a permanent browser tab, never close it.

I know others, just open facebook on weekends “may be something bad also for their families 😀