This time its PHP !!


Reading in PHP and MYSQL Web Developement 4th Edition

Now in chapter 6 Object-Oriented PHP, finished the previous chapter in nearly no time, a hour or 2 max, previous chapters was interesting talking about base (variable, functions, strings, …) very easy and interesting stuff.

After reading these few chapters and seeing some beginners videos, i feel that PHP is a very nice language and it give me the impression of JavaScript mixed with ASP classic, or lets say writing JavaScript with the ASP classic flavor 🙂


Why i am reading about this langauge while i am a .Net developer?

For many reasons,

– Curiosity to know about this langauge, as i see many websites done with it, and nearly 70% from free stuff on web is using PHP.

– Want to know more than one language because this will give me a lot of options while working and also will make learn things faster. "i remember i learned delegates and events from Java language first them applied on .Net".

– Just started and found my self can’t stop 🙂 "may be this is the main reason ;)".