Free Icons for web designers

2216877431_a6d2f6ec39_m Today while searching in my old shared RSS feeds for icons to use in my new website, i found that i am a fan with collecting icons, i found some good collections i bookmarked before, and decided to share all of them with others, this list is what i found till now ‘31/7/2009’.






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– 10 free social icon sets

– 60+ Free Vectors Icons for Web Designers

– Fresh Free High-Quality Icon Sets


– Found this one also which i can call, the most complete list on the web :

Testing Windows 7 RTM on Sun Virtual box

 windows7_3 virtual-box


Testing Windows 7 on my XP pro system using Sun Virtual box,

All what i can say from the first day testing:

It gave me the feeling that i am on Vista with its nice UI “But better”, and the power of Windows Server 2008 “But simpler”.

And i can say that i am now sure that soon i will finally let XP to another OS after many years of using just XP.

I am planning to install windows 7 beside the current XP on the same machine.

Note: i used Vista just in my office, but i am XP man since many years ago.


Also About Sun Virtual box, its really great, i liked it too much, i tried both VMWare, and virtual pc before but Virtual box will be always my next choice, its free and very strong.