Thomas Edison, from code complete 2nd edition

When you come up with a first design attempt that seems good enough, don't stop! The second attempt is nearly always better than the first, and you learn things on each attempt that can improve your overall design. After trying a thousand different materials for a light bulb filament with no success, Thomas Edison was reportedly asked if he felt his time had been wasted since he had discovered nothing. "Nonsense," Edison is supposed to have replied. "I have discovered a thousand things that don't work." In many cases, solving the problem with one approach will produce insights that will enable you to solve the problem using another approach that's even better.

Send email from gmail using, godaddy shared hosting


“Sending email is working local, but when i put online its not sending and returning errors”,

We hear a lot of people online suffer from this annoying problem, i had the same problem but rather than spending a lot of time searching for solutions on google and forums, i went to godaddy support website, and i found the answer very clear, answers are on these to articles:

How should I send email from my IIS 7 Windows shared hosting Web site?

Using CDOSYS to Send Email from Your Windows Hosting Account

I tested this solution and worked perfect after launching the website on my godaddy windows shared hosting.