Deploying ajax wcf service on shared hosting.

2 day ago i suffered from launching a testing website version on my shared hosting account, what i suffered from is that the website had a wcf ajax service which i was using in ajax calls from jquery to server.

I faced a lot of small problem in configuring the website to work the same as it works local.

The main problem i faced, that i didn’t find anyone on the internet talking about how to solve this problem completely.

After reading many articles and editing my web.config many times, i got it, and here is the result web.config which is running now on server and everything is working fine with wfc.



My hosting was shared hosting godaddy, with IIS7 installed.


Also check this article, you may face this problem as me:


Edit: after some days trying with ajax wcf on my shared hosting in my current project, i decided to remove it and get back to normal webservices, i don’t have time for “shared hosting-wcf” hassles, at least for now.

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  1. Amr,

    Thank you!! I’ve been testing using jQuery call to WCF service. Worked fine in VS2008, but when I deployed to, I would get an "undefined" error. After some testing, I realized that System.ServiceModel.Activation dll and Sytem.ServiceModel.Web dll were not being used on server. I was hunting for public key info when I came across your post. I used your web.config as a template and made key changes to mine. My app now works on You save me tons of time and ended my frustration!!!!

    Al Smith

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