Free Icons for web designers

2216877431_a6d2f6ec39_m Today while searching in my old shared RSS feeds for icons to use in my new website, i found that i am a fan with collecting icons, i found some good collections i bookmarked before, and decided to share all of them with others, this list is what i found till now ‘31/7/2009’.






– 50 Free High-Quality Icon Sets

– 50 Fresh Useful Icon Sets For Your Next Design

– 10+ Stunning Websites for Download Free Icon Sets

– 15 Lists of Free Icon Sets

– 40 (NEW) High-quality and Free Icon Sets

– 40+ Stylish and Trendy Icon Sets

– 40+ Extremely Beautiful Icon Sets Hand-picked from deviantART

– 10 free social icon sets

– 60+ Free Vectors Icons for Web Designers

– Fresh Free High-Quality Icon Sets


– Found this one also which i can call, the most complete list on the web :

Testing Windows 7 RTM on Sun Virtual box

 windows7_3 virtual-box


Testing Windows 7 on my XP pro system using Sun Virtual box,

All what i can say from the first day testing:

It gave me the feeling that i am on Vista with its nice UI “But better”, and the power of Windows Server 2008 “But simpler”.

And i can say that i am now sure that soon i will finally let XP to another OS after many years of using just XP.

I am planning to install windows 7 beside the current XP on the same machine.

Note: i used Vista just in my office, but i am XP man since many years ago.


Also About Sun Virtual box, its really great, i liked it too much, i tried both VMWare, and virtual pc before but Virtual box will be always my next choice, its free and very strong.

Sending mails, development machine, without actual mail server


During development, you might prefer just to write mails to a local directory, so you can see what’s
happening without having to set up an actual mail server.

To do that open web.config and add these few lines “instead of real SMTP configurations, which you will need to activate on the real server and delete/comment these lines”:


This will write .eml files to the specified folder (here, c:\email), which must already exist and be
writable. If you double-click .eml files in Windows Explorer, they’ll open in Outlook Express or Windows Mail.



Tim Gaunt in his below comment mentioned about a very nice tool called smtp4dev , A Dummy SMTP server that sits in the system tray and does not deliver the received messages. Useful for testing/debugging software that generates email.

Available Now – 12 Free Solaris Courses

Just got this mail from sun, i think this will be very helpful for Solaris fans.


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