ORM tools ".Net"


  1. ADO.NET Entity Framework, Microsoft’s ORM (released with .NET 3.5 SP1)
  2. Base One Foundation Component Library, free or commercial
  3. BCSEi ORM Code Generator, free or commercial
  4. Business Logic Toolkit for .NET, open source
  5. Castle ActiveRecord, ActiveRecord for .NET, open source
  6. DataObjects.Net v4.0, open source, commercial
  7. DevForce, commercial, N-Tier
  8. Developer Express, eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO)
  9. EntitySpaces, commercial
  10. Euss, open source
  11. Habanero, Free open source
  12. iBATIS, Free open source
  13. Invist,free ORM and code generation tool
  14. LLBLGen, open source drivers, commercial
  15. LightSpeed, free or commercial
  16. Neo, open source
  17. NConstruct, commercial
  18. NHibernate, open source
  19. Opf3, free and commercial
  20. ObjectMapper .NET, GPL and commercial license
  21. OpenAccess, free or commercial
  22. TierDeveloper, free ORM and code generation tool
  23. Persistor.NET, free or commercial
  24. Quick Objects, free or commercial
  25. Sooda, open source; BSD license
  26. Subsonic, open source
  27. Orasis, free trial or buy.
  28. Telerik, express or buy.
  29. CSLA.NET, free.
  30. ECO, free or commercial
  31. nhydrate, open source

  32. .netTiers, open source
  33. dapper-dot-net, open source
  34. codesmithtools plinqo, open source
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8 Responses to ORM tools ".Net"

  1. Eric says:

    Hi. Thanks for listing Habanero here. I’m part of the development team and what is unique about Habanero is that it provides the tools to developer right throught the application pipeline, from the data source, to the business logic and validation, to the runtime-generated presentation layer. Most of the ORM’s in this list stop at the data source layer and then you have to start patching together the other pieces.

  2. Brook Lyn says:

    Just wondering why CSLA.NET is not listed?

  3. Amr ElGarhy says:

    added it, thanks

  4. Roland Bengtsson says:

    And why is not ECO listed ?

    In my opinion one of the best ORM frameworks ever! http://www.capableobjects.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECO_%28Domain_Driven_Design%29

  5. Amr ElGarhy says:

    Added ECO, thanks @Roland

  6. Chris Davis says:

    There is another DDD tool available. nHydrate is a model driven development framework that creates an entire framework including installer project, Inversion of control projects, DAL, DTO, etc. You can generate as much or as little as you wish.

    <a href="http://nhydrate.codeplex.com">http://nhydrate.codeplex.com</a&gt;

  7. Robert says:

    Genome should be added as well.

  8. Shaun says:

    I’d like to see .netTiers added, too – http://nettiers.com

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