Google Introducing Page Speed firebug add-on

Google anounced today on their blog that they introduce to developers an enterly tool, google developer were using on google websites to test its speed.

The new tool is an Add-on to FireBug, and sure on just Firefox.

From the first look we can say its a tool the same as YSlow from Yahoo.

More details about the tool there:

And Download here


One thought on “Google Introducing Page Speed firebug add-on

  1. Fantastic addon. It was educating to read about CSS selectors and patterns.

    The most useful part of PageSpeed in comparison to my current favorite YSlow is that it provides very specific action items. Very novice website owners can also follow the instructions. Saves a ton of time. Perfect! 🙂

    A good addition would be a Printable Version of the report the way YSlow provides. It would be handy to manage to-do lists and exchange performance reports.

    On Page Speed Activity tab, it seemed to be all messed up. It did the activity profiling for all pages open currently in the browser and not only for the specific page open in the current tab. Bug ? or did I miss some settings.

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