Intro to ASP.Net Maker

2 Years ago my technical manager told us about a good tool called asp maker which is supposed to generate websites admin area fast and easy. really I didn't like it at all, may be because it was older version, has less options or I was not good in CSS to manipulate its design.

Few weeks ago I started to learn ADO.Net dynamic websites, watched a lot of videos, tutorials and articles about it, its a good way microsoft give us to create fast website admin area, but the tricky point about it that its not easy to edit its code, its too much general, and you will need to study a lot before start going though it, but they are now creating new version of it, I hope they make things easier and contain more features.

Today, while building a website using ADO.Net dynamic websites I suddenly remembered ASP maker and found new versions, better options and more easy to manipulate.

ASP.Net maker is a product for e.World Technology Limited, and they are creating some other makers such as ASP Maker, JSP Maker, PHP Maker,…

You can download from there a trial version for 30 days, and also try to check the prices, its really cheap comparing to the tools power.

The following video shows how you can create a website fast and manipulate it. "Better Video"

next posts I will try to explain some tricky points, but my advice is to download its demo and play with it, its easy 😉

ASP.Net Maker intro tutorial from amr elgarhy on Vimeo.

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List of countries, cities, languages

I found that the best free database contains data about countries, cities and languages is in MYSQL called World and you can download it from this URL

Also I created a MS SQL script to create the db in sql server, and attached you will find the data in CSV files.

Multi Web.config files

Can we have multi web.config files in the same website?!

Yes you can "for example one web.config for root website and another one for a subfolder"

How can we do so with out conflict or getting errors?

– First you will need to config this subfolder as application in the IIS

– Second write <location path="." inheritInChildApplications="false"> before <system.web> and </location> after </system.web> in the root web.config file:



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